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Beechwood Hairbrush

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Personalised beechwood goat bristle hairbrush. Designed just for your baby’s comfort. Please add your chosen name in the name box.

FSC certified which means the wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

A natural goat bristle brush is perfect for newborns as the softness of the bristles are suitable for their tender scalps yet still effective in styling their hair and stimulating their scalp. They are also great at keeping cradle cap under control. A natural bristle brush will naturally leave your baby’s hair soft and silky. The timber handle also makes this a beautiful brush to use.

Whatever your baby’s hairstyle this brush definitely has many benefits. It keeps the scalp stimulated. Stimulating the hair follicles increases blood flow to the scalp which promotes healthy hair growth. It helps calming and comforting your baby. This may be particularly useful if your baby has trouble settling down for a sleep. Another very useful reason to regularly brush your baby’s hair is to reduce the chances of them developing cradle cap.